It’s the glory of the sea that has turned my head.


Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure Island
BVI Itineraries Rainbow and Sail boats

Choose your own adventure.

British Virgin Islands

There’s so much to see and do in the British Virgin Islands, there’s a huge risk of option paralysis. We find it’s best to have a general idea, but to keep things open enough for spontaneous fun. Once you’re here, considerations like weather, special events going on, and any unforeseen obstacles can affect our plans. But that’s where your crew shines, making sure you have the best experience in any circumstances.

Here’s a sample of what you could expect during your cruise. Of course, we can fine-tune to your tastes. Whether you want a non-stop party or to avoid the crowds completely, you’ll have an unforgettable time with CruiseNautic. It’s your trip. Let’s make it awesome.

Ready to Launch. Permission to come Aboard.

It all starts at the departure dock. We usually launch from Scrub Island Resort, Spa and Marina. It’s just a short ferry ride east of Trellis Bay where the main airport is here in the BVI, but we can meet up with you wherever you happen to land.

Depending on when your flight comes in, or when you’d like to start your cruise, we offer a noon boarding or the option of sleeping aboard and then sailing off the next morning. Again, we’re totally flexible once we’re loaded up and ready to go.

BVI Itineraries Tortola
BVI Itineraries Colorful Tortola

Images Above: Tortola, BVI
Images below; 1.1 Willy T’s 1.2 Pirates Bight 1.3 The Bight Bay 2. Caves of Norman Island 3. Spotted Eagle Ray

BVI Itineraries -NormanIsland - Willy T's and Pirates Bight
Willy T’s
Pirates Bight
The Bight Bay
BVI Itineraries Snorkeling Norman Caves
BVI Itineraries Spotted Eagle Ray - Spyglass Wall Norman Island

Day 1 – Norman Island

Norman Island has legitimate pirate credibility. It’s also known as inspiring Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island. Treasure, in fact, has been found here. Maybe there’s more? But the real treasures are the caves. We’ll dinghy out to explore the four caves, all of which you can snorkel. One is worth a spelunk if you’re into that and if you’re extra adventurous there’s a cool spot for cliff diving.

If caves aren’t your thing, we can hit Spyglass Wall in search of spotted eagle rays. It’s just below Spyglass Hill, where pirates used to keep watch for booty-laden ships crossing the channel. It’s a perfect spot for diving or snorkeling. Or watching for booty.

Then dinner onboard CruiseNautic or enjoy fine dining on the beach at Pirates Bight. The Bight at Norman Island is a great first anchorage for your journey. It’s well protected and calm, with plenty of moorings.

Images below; 1.1 Deadman’s Bay, Peter Island 1.2 Deadchest Island 1.3 The Indians 2. RMS Rhone

BVI Itineraries Peter Island - Deadman's Bay
Deadman’s Bay
Deadchest Island
BVI Itineraries The Indians
BVI Itineraries Diving the RMS Rhone

Day 2 – Breakfast at The Indians, then Cooper, Peter, or Ginger Island

In the morning, we will motor over to The Indians, a national park just off Pelican Island with rock formations that offer amazing snorkeling. It’s also a stunning spot for breakfast.

The afternoon is full of choices. We can check out the wreck of the Rhone, a steamship that sunk in 1867 and is reportedly haunted to this day. Underwater ghosts or not, it’s one of the best dives in the region. Then we head on to Cooper Island and moor at Manchioneel Bay. Here you can have beautiful beach time, lounge at the Cooper Island Beach Club, or swim to Cistern Point for more snorkeling.

Alternately, we could head to Deadman’s Bay at Peter Island for some of the very best beaches in the world. A trail leads across to White Bay and you can catch a stunning view of all the nearby islands along the way. Then dinghy over to Dead Chest Island, where Blackbeard is told to have marooned 15 of his men as punishment. Too bad they didn’t have snorkeling or diving gear. It’s a great place for that. After, we would spend the night moored at Great Harbour for a visit to the floating bar, Willy T’s, which is infamous for getting rowdy late-night. They used to offer free t-shirts to anyone who jumped off the top deck naked. But the lawman shut it down.

Lastly, for a more exclusive and remote experience, Ginger Island is a secret spot with a breathtaking, colorful coral reef they call Alice’s Wonderland. It’s a rabbit hole you won’t regret. If you really love it, the island is for sale. One of the last available in the region. Since Ginger Island is totally undeveloped, there’s no overnight moorings allowed. Sorry. So we’ll head to Manchioneel Bay for the night where you can dine onboard under open skies or at the cute Cooper Island Beach Club restaurant.

Images below; 1.1 Saba Rock, North Sound Virign Gorda 1.2 Bitter End, North Sound Virign Gorda 1.3 Prickly Pear Island 1.4 Leverick Bay, North Sound Virign Gorda 2. The Baths, Virgin Gorda 3. Marina Cay

BVI Itineraries Virgin Gorda - North Sound
Saba Rock
Bitter End
Prickly Pear Island
Leverick Bay
BVI Itineraries The Baths Virgin Gorda
BVI Itineraries MarinaCay Pusser's Restaurant

Day 3- Virgin Gorda & The Baths

Today we set off early to cross the Sir Francis Drake Channel to witness firsthand the famous Baths. This is one of the top FOMO sites in BVI. It’s very much worth it. This national park is a labyrinth of massive boulders with countless caves and crystal clear pools to explore. Many call it the 8th wonder of the world. Don’t forget to hike your way up for one of the best views in the Caribbean. This could take up the entire day, but wait there’s more!

From here, we could motor north to the nightlife at Leverick Bay or the Bitter End Yacht Club. Hit the beach bbq and watch out for moko jumbies. They’re the colorful dancers on stilts, if you’re not familiar. Moko is an African god and jumbie is a West Indian word for ghost. So behave yourself or else they’ll give you a wicked hangover. That would leave us in the North Sound overnight.

We could also head to Trellis Bay, which is particularly entertaining during a full moon. They’re also known for their fireballs. Not in a Game of Thrones way, though. More in a cool-decorated-sphere-sculptures-that-make-for-amazing-beach-bonfires kind of way. Afterwards we could drop anchor behind Marina Cay. Then you could hit Pussers Restaurant, famous for their red telephone booth on the dock. No drunk-dialing, please.

Images below; 1. Bitter End, North Sound Virgin Gorda 2. Bitter End, North Sound Virgin Gorda 3. Iguana, Leverick Bay North Sound Virgin Gorda

BVI Itineraries NorthSound-BitterEnd
BVI Itineraries Virgin Gorda-North Sound Bitter End
BVI Itineraries North Sound Leverick Bay Iguana

Day 4 – North Sound

It’s all about the North Sound today. We’ll either have a relaxing breakfast in the North Sound because we’re already there, or head there first thing and maybe stop at the Dogs for a quick snorkel. Then go ashore at Leverick Bay for a massage, which you’ll need after this much fun. This area has a ton of iguanas, so make sure to check them out.

If you’re picking up on the trend, there’s a lot to choose from in BVI. Here’s a list of options in this particular area: dinghy out past Saba Rock and try to spot some turtles; hit up Bitter End resort and rent a Hobie cat, windsurf, kayak, kite surf, or SUP; hike the many trails at Bitter End for the breathtaking views; walk and cocktail along Biras Creek; relax onboard for a change and have dinner under the stars; hit the nightlife at Bitter End or Leverick Bay.

No matter how you choose to spend your time in the North Sound, there’s so much to do here. This is the heart of the British Virgin Islands. It’s worth a 2-day stay, but we have more planned for you (weather-permitting).

Images below; 1. Anegada Beach View 2. Stand Up Paddle boarding on Anegada 3. Pink Flamingos at the Salt Ponds, Anegada

BVI Itineraries Anegada-Beach
BVI Itineraries Anegada-SUP
BVI Itineraries Anegada-Flamingos

Day 5 – Anegada


If the conditions are right, this would be the perfect time for a long sail to Anegada. It’s a 3-hour cruise, Gilligan, but it’s so worth it. Seemingly endless white sand beaches meet up with the 18-mile long Horseshoe Reef, the largest barrier coral reef in the Caribbean and the 4th largest on earth. This is a must for divers and snorkelers. You can also spot wild endangered flamingos at the salt ponds along with feral cattle, donkeys, and sheep. Not to mention unique species of iguanas and turtles.

It’s a one-of-a-kind experience in an untouched area of this beautiful island. It’ll be your communing with nature day. When you’re done exploring, there’ll be lobster or conch dinner on the starlit beach or aboard CruiseNautic. Which will also have stars.

Since this is the unprotected north side of the island, heavy winds can ruin more than just your hairdo. So, we’ll have to play it by ear and see how the weather goes. If it’s not cooperating, another day spent in the beauty and luxury of the north sound is a wonderful alternative.

Images below; 1. Sandy Cay 2. Bubbly Pool 3. Sandy Spit 4. View from Camanoe Island toTortola, Guana Island and Little Camanoe

BVI Itineraries SandyCay
BVI Itineraries BubblyPool Jost Van Dyke and Sandy Spit
BVI Itineraries View of Guana Island

Day 6 – Guana Island & Jost Van Dyke

It’s time we introduced you to Guana Island. It’s a couple hours of sailing, but once you see Muskmelon Bay, you’ll see it was worth the trek. They call it the best-kept secret of BVI, so don’t tell anyone! It’s one of those textbook tropical scenes that’s almost too flawless to believe. To say the coral reefs here are magnificent seems way understated. They are teeming with life. Bring an underwater camera.

Did we save the best spots for later in the trip? Maybe. We’ll never tell. But up next are the tiny little islands of Sandy Cay and Sandy Spit, which are both worth a stop to hit the beach. Sandy Spit is only one acre, in case you ever wanted a visual on the actual size of an acre.

Before dark we’ll head to Jost Van Dyke and check out the Bubbly Pool, where rock formations + waves = bubbly fun times. Then a stop at the famous Foxy’s Tamarind Bar, which usually has live authentic, life-affirming Caribbean Calypso music. The firewater cocktails there are as dangerously fun as the name suggests.

Images below; 1. White Bay, Home to the Soggy Dollar Bar 2. Cocktails and Coconuts 3. Milky Way over Jost Van Dyke

BVI Itineraries WhiteBay-SoggyDollar Jos Van Dyke
BVI Itineraries Coconut Drink
BVI Itineraries Jost Van Dyke Milky Way and Catamarans

Day 7 – Jost Van Dyke

Depending how the firewater affected you, we’ll take our time to sail a quick jaunt over to the secluded White Bay to enjoy some peace and quiet. This is also the home of the world-famous Soggy Dollar Bar. This is where the Painkiller was painstakingly developed and has since become a wildly popular drink throughout the Caribbean and beyond. It’s called the Soggy Dollar because you have to swim there, so wet currency is the norm. Be sure to try one of their delicious flying fish sandwiches. They pair perfectly with a Painkiller, we hear.

This would most likely be the perfect night for a quiet dinner aboard CruiseNautic and soak in the solitude. Otherwise, we can always dinghy back to Foxy’s for more firewater. It’s your trip. We should probably mention again that this is merely a sample itinerary. The best experiences happen when you’re in the moment, especially when you’re on “Island Time.”

Day 8 – Scrub Island Marina or Red Hook

Sadly, this is the last day of your cruise. But there’s always time for more relaxation as we sail you back to Scrub Island Marina or Red Hook for your departure and tearful goodbye. This could be the moment that you abandon your previous life and become one with the islands. We’ve seen it before. Hell, it happened to us.

So, that’s just a small sample of the infinite possibilities to have an amazing time here in the BVI. Of course, if you just want to get off the grid, we can certainly do that too. We’ll find a secluded place, drop anchor and keep you fed and refresh your drinks for a week. No phones. No wifi. No social media. No problem.

Whatever your dream cruise includes, we’re here to make sure that happens. A little planning goes a long way in the Caribbean.

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USVI Itineraries CharlotteAmelie-StThomas

Setting a course.

US Virgin Islands

We also offer pick up in the USVI for a vacation that includes the best of both the Brits and the US.

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Images left/above: View of Charlotte Amelie, St Thomas
Images below; 1 Trunk Bay, St John 2. Oppenheimer Beach, St John 3. Leinster Bay, St John

USVI Itineraries TrunkBay, St John
Trunk Bay, St John
USVI Itineraries Oppenheimer St John
Oppenheimer Beach, St John
USVI Itineraries LeinsterBay St John
Leinster Bay, St John

Day 1 – Frances Bay and Trunk Bay St John

We’ll pick you up in St. Thomas and enjoy a short sail to Frances Bay or Trunk Bay on St. John. Bask in the sun on one of the most photographed beaches in the United States then enjoy dinner under the stars on Mesa.

Day 2 – Leinster Bay, Tortola and Norman Island

After a leisurely breakfast we’ll set sail for Leinster Bay, on St. John. Here you will find an ideal combo of surf and turf fun. Snorkel with the turtles, stroll the coastal trail and explore the historic Annaberg Sugar Plantation. Head back to Mesa for lunch and ice cold refreshments, then proceed to Soper’s Hole, Tortola to clear customs into the British Virgin Islands.

Depart Soper’s Hole for The Bight, Norman Island.

You can now choose from a world of options under our BVI itinerary tab.

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Crew Reviews

Sailing with Kate and Cyrus was an incredibly memorable experience. Every night we enjoyed another bay to snorkel- kayak and enjoy an wonderful sunset, eating wholesome, freshly made delicious dinners.
Everything was fabulous and therefore there are no complaints.
You do want to be comfortable on the water, during our day excursions we had fun but at times we bounced around.
Would I do this again - absolutely- would I recommend to friends- I have many times already. We will defiantly catch up with Kate and Cyrus in a different location.

Rhonda K.Oakville, Ontario

Thanks again Kate and Cyrus for an amazing week cruising in the BVI we’ll never forget. Can’t recommend highly enough for families looking for a luxury holiday ‘out of the ordinary’. From jumping off the Willy T to swimming with turtles, every day was an adventure! Hopefully we’ll get to return soon.

Mike R.Esher, England

I had a great time sailing with Kate and Cyrus 🙂 also really enjoyed the steak and the microbrew. Thanks you guys! Looking forward to more fun times like that in the future with you both.

Bob G.Princeton, MN

Their experience and expertise put my mind at so much ease and I had the most amazing time on their boat, being that I've never been on this kind of boat before. When it comes to hospitality and meals they are an A+ plus plus. The food was was amazing and I feel like I have lifelong friends now. I would definitely recommend them to all of my family and friends.

Jennell G.Elk River, MN

Snorkeling, swimming and great food!
If you enjoy boating and water activities you should consider chartering a custom cruise with Kate and Cyrus @ They designed an itinerary specific to our group's interests and abilities. We relaxed as we sailed to tropical islands, swam snorkeled and kayaked in crystal clear aquamarine waters and visited unique island destinations.
Their catamaran was a beautiful new vessel with comfortable living spaces skillfully sailed by its owners.
Kate and Cyrus were wonderful hosts catering to our every need. Kate was constantly chopping fresh ingredients to make each meal an event. Cyrus wowed us nightly with his desserts.
We highly recommend chartering with CruiseNautic. It will be a vacation you will never forget!

Lorraine P.Harrisville, Rhode Island