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Our underwater playground.

Treasures abound.

Our revolving backyard is the best way to experience a vast variety of dive sites. How do we hone in on the perfect sites for your group? Our custom itineraries always start with a chat on your dive goals. With this info we will craft a custom itinerary tailored to your experience levels and interests within the cruising area you have selected. We operate in several cruising areas throughout the year and have included some overviews on the dive sites for each area below. Contact us for the dates you are looking to dive with us and we can share more details on location

The Bahamas.
The Exumas, Eleuthera, New Providence & Beyond.

There is so much to see in the beautiful Bahamian waters that surround The Exumas, Eleuthera and New Providence. Following the footsteps of the famous Agent 007, you will find some exciting Bond movie sites, but that’s not what makes this diver’s paradise so amazing. These crystal blues boast a variety of site options including ship wrecks, colorful reefs, infamous drug planes and bountiful marine life.

The Virgin Islands

Ever seen a pirate in scuba gear? Famous for it’s treasured true pirate stories, The Virgin Islands offers a wealth of island hopping and dive sites. Our cruising ground covers both the US and British Virgin Islands, giving you truly limitless itineraries. Here are a few of our favorite sites.

Almost completely surrounded by a barrier reef, St Croix is known for it’s wall dives and features one of the best macro dive sites in the world, The Frederiksted Pier. St Croix has so many dive sites, if you prefer to sail less and dive more, you are sure to find everything you desire just cruising it’s coastlines.

Like exploring the National Parks? Over 60% of the island of St John is protected National Park. This is great news for divers as the waters are also protected, welcoming marine life aplenty including some of our favorite pals, the Green, Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles.

Craving a dive and pizza? Cruise over to Christmas Cove, for a colorful dive through the many canyons and pass-through arches of Cow & Calf.

For those desiring the best of both worlds, sail into the British Virgin Islands for famous wrecks and reefs including the Wreck of the RMS Rhone and the surreal underwater playground, Alice’s Wonderland.

Custom Caribbean

Each year we sail further South to dive a variety of areas August through October. Some of our favorite dive location highlights include Guadeloupe, Carriacou (The Grenadines), and Bonaire. Contact us for seasonal custom itinerary locations.

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Crew Reviews

Sailing with Kate and Cyrus was an incredibly memorable experience. Every night we enjoyed another bay to snorkel- kayak and enjoy an wonderful sunset, eating wholesome, freshly made delicious dinners.
Everything was fabulous and therefore there are no complaints.
You do want to be comfortable on the water, during our day excursions we had fun but at times we bounced around.
Would I do this again - absolutely- would I recommend to friends- I have many times already. We will defiantly catch up with Kate and Cyrus in a different location.

Rhonda K.Oakville, Ontario

Thanks again Kate and Cyrus for an amazing week cruising in the BVI we’ll never forget. Can’t recommend highly enough for families looking for a luxury holiday ‘out of the ordinary’. From jumping off the Willy T to swimming with turtles, every day was an adventure! Hopefully we’ll get to return soon.

Mike R.Esher, England

I had a great time sailing with Kate and Cyrus 🙂 also really enjoyed the steak and the microbrew. Thanks you guys! Looking forward to more fun times like that in the future with you both.

Bob G.Princeton, MN

Their experience and expertise put my mind at so much ease and I had the most amazing time on their boat, being that I've never been on this kind of boat before. When it comes to hospitality and meals they are an A+ plus plus. The food was was amazing and I feel like I have lifelong friends now. I would definitely recommend them to all of my family and friends.

Jennell G.Elk River, MN

Snorkeling, swimming and great food!
If you enjoy boating and water activities you should consider chartering a custom cruise with Kate and Cyrus @ CruiseNautic.com. They designed an itinerary specific to our group's interests and abilities. We relaxed as we sailed to tropical islands, swam snorkeled and kayaked in crystal clear aquamarine waters and visited unique island destinations.
Their catamaran was a beautiful new vessel with comfortable living spaces skillfully sailed by its owners.
Kate and Cyrus were wonderful hosts catering to our every need. Kate was constantly chopping fresh ingredients to make each meal an event. Cyrus wowed us nightly with his desserts.
We highly recommend chartering with CruiseNautic. It will be a vacation you will never forget!

Lorraine P.Harrisville, Rhode Island