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Our crew is ready to set sail towards whatever adventure you pick. Lounging around in luxury surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery on earth? No problem. Island hopping and water-borne adventures? They’ve got you covered. Fully-certified and brimming with experience, you’re in good hands.

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Crew Adventures - Kate Giebink and Cyrus Dietz - Anasazi Ruins - Moonhouse - Utah
Utah. One of our favorite places to dirtbag in luxury. Yes luxury. Our previous vessel was a 27′ toyhauler that found us many free 5 star views across the vast USA.
The backpack. Crucial to carry all this Khaki Scout’s core survival gear.
Precious Larimar hailing from the DR and always close to Kate’s heart.
The do-rag. Essential for every pirate.
Crew Adventures - Kate Giebink and Cyrus Dietz - Rappel Morning Glory Bridge, Moab Utah
Cyrus preparing the rope for our 100′ rappel of Morning Glory Bridge.
The top of Morning Glory Bridge, Moab Utah. Below hikers gawk at our 100′ free hang.
Crew Adventures - Kate Giebink and Cyrus Dietz - Bob Marshall Wilderness Open 2013
Our first traveling abode was a converted utility trailer. Cyrus made sure we had all the comforts of home.
Prepping to leave for our 100 mile traverse in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Open in 2013.

Photos Above; 1.1 Utah. One of our favorite places to dirtbag in luxury. Yes luxury. Our previous vessel was a 27′ toy hauler which found many free 5 star views across the vast U.S.A. 1.2 The Backpack. Crucial to carry all this Khaki Scout’s core survival gear. 1.3 Precious Larimar hailing from the D.R. and always close to Kate’s heart. 1.4 The do-rag. Essential for every pirate. 2.1 Cyrus prepping the rope for our 100′ rappel of Morning Glory Bridge. 2.2 The top of Morning Glory Bridge. Below hikers gawk at our 100′ free hang. 3.1 Our first traveling abode was a converted utility trailer. Cyrus made sure we had all the comforts of home. 3.2 Prepping to leave for our 100 mile traverse on the Bob Marshall Wilderness Open 2013.

The boat of your dreams. The crew isn’t bad either.

Cyrus Dietz

USCG Captain, PADI/SSI certified divemaster and master of baked goodies as well as a mighty fine cocktail, Cyrus started his love for sailing and deep-sea fishing with his father off the coasts of Cape May, New Jersey. That launched a love of all things outdoors – and he has the merit badges to prove it. His keen eye for planning has won him many spectacular experiences. A background in engineering adds to his ability to fit the tool to any job, always prepared with just the right gear for the next adventure.

Kate Giebink

USCG Captain, PADI certified instructor and master of crafting a fresh fusion of flavors, Kate started sailing at the ripe age of 4 and she’s been on the wind ever since. Her first visit to the Caribbean was with her father, Dr. Scott Giebink, spending months at a hospital in Haiti helping children. The immersion in the warm culture led to her passion for crafting many more global treks and inspired her love for experimenting with global cuisine. Kate draws from a background in music, design and cuisine to fine tune the ambiance that completes each moment aboard CruiseNautic. And what goes better with the stars then the soft strum of guitar in a live moonlit serenade.

A Pair Made in Adventure

Once Kate & Cyrus found each other, they spent many years whitewater rafting, canyoneering, 4-wheeling, sailing and more. Together, they completed the Bob Marshall Wilderness Open, covering 100 miles of Grizzly-bear-infested Montana forests on foot and packraft. Not only did they survive, they stayed together to take the adventure on to a new frontier.

Still with us? Here’s the best part. Together, they bought their factory-fresh, 2019 Lagoon 42 . With full sails and that “new boat” smell filling their senses, they embarked on an Atlantic crossing. They explored France, Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands then hopped the big pond to their new home seas of the Eastern Caribbean Islands. From the US and British Virgin Islands all the way South to Grenada and The Grenadines, their “backyard view” is in constant rotation as they explore all the magic these islands offer.

This is where you come in. We’d love to have you aboard. Sail away with us! It’s the best possible way to experience the Caribbean. There are so many adventures to be had and the relaxation and is second to none. Contact us and get your time slot before they all fill up. Looking forward to seeing you in the islands!

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Meet our newest crew, Cocoa Salty Paws.

Let’s just say it was crew at first sight. Hailing from Grenada, Cocoa is a Grenadian Pot Hound who was rescued by our friends on SV Salty Paws along with 7 other pups. Cocoa is the perfect addition to our crew. She is entertaining, loyal and always has a full body wag ready to greet you.

Cocoa Salty Paws Crew

Photos of Kate and Cyrus in their adventures by land and sea.

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Crew Reviews

If you plan on sailing the British Virgin Islands and you DO NOT sail then CruiseNautic is the absolute best way to go!! Kate, Cyrus and their cutie dog Cocoa are a fabulous trio!!! They provided a fun, relaxing and safe itinerary for the 6 of us. My husband and I along with our 4 kids (17,17,15,14 yrs) had the most magnificent vacation. They were able to tailor the trip to our needs by providing a variety of activities (snorkeling, tubing, SUPing, kayaking, movie night and so much more). Both Kate and Cyrus are captains and chefs...there was never a lack of drinks nor food that’s for sure!! Wow can they cook!!!! This vacation has surpassed our expectations and we can’t wait to sail with CruiseNautic again!!!! I believe I forgot to mention they have a brand new luxurious catamaran!!! Extremely comfortable accommodations!!! We miss them already!! Definitely doing this again. ❤️

Melissa U. | Facebook ReviewNorthbrook, Illinois

Their experience and expertise put my mind at so much ease and I had the most amazing time on their boat, being that I've never been on this kind of boat before. When it comes to hospitality and meals they are an A+ plus plus. The food was was amazing and I feel like I have lifelong friends now. I would definitely recommend them to all of my family and friends.

Jennell G. | Direct ReviewElk River, MN

Snorkeling, swimming and great food!
If you enjoy boating and water activities you should consider chartering a custom cruise with Kate and Cyrus @ They designed an itinerary specific to our group's interests and abilities. We relaxed as we sailed to tropical islands, swam snorkeled and kayaked in crystal clear aquamarine waters and visited unique island destinations.
Their catamaran was a beautiful new vessel with comfortable living spaces skillfully sailed by its owners.
Kate and Cyrus were wonderful hosts catering to our every need. Kate was constantly chopping fresh ingredients to make each meal an event. Cyrus wowed us nightly with his desserts.
We highly recommend chartering with CruiseNautic. It will be a vacation you will never forget!

Lorraine P. | Trip Advisor & Facebook ReviewHarrisville, Rhode Island

CruiseNautic is a Trip of a Lifetime!
If our family could give Kate and Cyrus (your CruiseNautic crew) a 6 out of 5 we would! Our family of 6 spent an incredible week with Kate and Cyrus and their puppy Coco over winter break cruising the BVIs.

Their Boat. It's an absolutely gorgeous brand new 42 foot catamaran with plenty of places to relax, soak up the sun, read a book and enjoy mealtime with the family.

The Food. Amazing! Kate and Cyrus provide 3 creative and delicious meals a day including Cyrus's special baked goods (breads, cookies, pies, muffins and more!).

The Service. Kate and Cyrus are so incredibly accommodating and never stopped asking if we needed or wanted anything. They make the Fours Seasons staff seem almost average.

The Trip. It was all expertly planned out and we felt so at ease with how professional and safe Kate and Cyrus are with the boat. They took us to such great spots where we could use the paddle boards, kayak and snorkel gear right from the boat.

If you've ever considered doing this type of trip, reach out to CruiseNautic, you won't be regret it.

Brian U. | Trip Advisor ReviewNorthbrook, Illinois

Sailing with Kate and Cyrus was an incredibly memorable experience. Every night we enjoyed another bay to snorkel- kayak and enjoy an wonderful sunset, eating wholesome, freshly made delicious dinners.
Everything was fabulous and therefore there are no complaints.
You do want to be comfortable on the water, during our day excursions we had fun but at times we bounced around.
Would I do this again - absolutely- would I recommend to friends- I have many times already. We will defiantly catch up with Kate and Cyrus in a different location.

Rhonda K | Trip Advisor ReviewOakville, Ontario

Thanks again Kate and Cyrus for an amazing week cruising in the BVI we’ll never forget. Can’t recommend highly enough for families looking for a luxury holiday ‘out of the ordinary’. From jumping off the Willy T to swimming with turtles, every day was an adventure! Hopefully we’ll get to return soon.

Mike R. | Facebook ReviewEngland

I had a great time sailing with Kate and Cyrus ? also really enjoyed the steak and the microbrew. Thanks you guys! Looking forward to more fun times like that in the future with you both.

Bob G. | Direct ReviewPrinceton, MN