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July 20, 2018

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Here are some tidbits that go beyond our sailor stories.

Kate Giebink

Kate is a Minnesota girl and yes that is a long proud ohhhh. She loves singing, dragons and moonlit runs in the woods with the fireflies. Well everyone likes fireflies and they are much softer than the hot lights of the stage she rocked in the Minneapolis music scene. Over the years she has written and performed with her band, Razonu, and sang with several tribute bands including The Fleetwood Mac Attack and Steeling Dan. Island jams sound pretty sweet and she is hoping to find some new pals to strum with in the sun. She was honored to be the first woman to accomplish the Bob Marshall Wilderness Open, a 100 mile trek via foot and packraft fashioned after the Alaskan Wilderness Classic. She had a fear of heights but Cyrus broke her of that fear and now she can’t get enough time hanging from ropes in the beautiful canyons of Utah. With a love for all sports on the water, a good paddle in the backcountry is high on her list and she can’t wait to upgrade her wind surf to a kite board. Hit with the travel bug at a wee age she has explored the globe on many adventures but she is most at home on the water and wind. Kate always knew it was her destiny to live on the ocean. Surprise, here she is.

Cyrus Dietz

Cyrus was born in beautiful Wisconsin where they raise all good Khaki scouts. He also got to summer with his pops in Cape May, New Jersey, which made for some fun by the seaside. Random side fact on the water fun, Wisconsin may have had Cape May beat, boasting 800 miles of coastline along the Great lakes, 200 miles of Mississipi shoreline and that’s not counting all the lakes and rivers in between. The guy is prepared for every adventure with the perfect gear and food. Let’s just say we would eat like kings in the finest of shelters should the end come upon us (let’s hope that does not happen folks). He used to rock the guitar in a band and likes to work with wood and gadgets. Having been a cabinet builder for years, he can whittle just about anything into beauty and then make it tick with his background in engineering. You will often find him on deep wilderness treks and paddling raging streams. The guy loves getting away from it all and completed the Bob Marshall Wilderness Open two years in a row, that’s one more time than Kate…but who’s counting. He loves a good challenge and has jugged up many a rope to save Kate from her fear of heights. He delights in a well executed plan and planning major group treks on land, water and below is next on his list. Baking up delicious homemade treats and mixing unique cocktails makes him the life of the party and his favorite breakfast is pumpkin pie. He hates it when I brag about him so I will just stop here.

Looking for the low down on what got us sailing? Visit our crew page.

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