Dive FAQ

Dive FAQ

Dive Well. Dive Safe.

Important Forms & Policies
Healthy Diving

Diver Medical Form

Do I need a Physical? Get all the Details.

For the safety of our divers, all divers must fill out a brief diver medical form. This diver focused questionnaire helps evaluate your medical fitness for diving. Be sure to fill this form out well before travel to allow time for a dive physical, should a physicians approval be required. Once your form is complete, please submit to CruiseNautic via email.

Dating Your Medical Form.
To ensure your Medical Form is recognized for the proper dates. We ask that all dates are entered in military fromat. Ex: 12 / Oct / 2021.

Download Diver Medical Form
Safe Dive Planning

Flying After Diving


For single dives within the no decompression limits, a minimum pre-flight surface interval of 12 hours is suggested. For repetitive dives and/or multi-day dives within the no decompression limits, a minimum preflight surface interval of 18 hours is suggested.

Diver Safety

Safe Diving Practices

You are important.

We like you, so we want to give you the very best in diving and hope you will return to enjoy many more dives with us. To ensure a safe diving experience, locations and participation in dives are subject to the CruiseNautic Crew’s discretion. All diving is subject to weather conditions and can be canceled at any time for your safety. Also, please note that once alcohol is consumed we ask that you adjourn from diving for the day.

Know before you go.

Inside tips for your divesailcation

So you’ve booked that dream divesailcation. Now it’s time to get ready for this amazing adventure. We’ve got some tips below that will ensure you have everything you’ll need to frolic in the underwater playground.

What to Pack for Diving?

We hear your packing light and that’s the perfect plan for a care free divesailcation. While there’s not much that needs to make it in your bag, we do have a few suggestions to make sure your kit is complete. If you are looking to add some new gear, we are an official ScubaPro Dealer and can assist you on any questions on gear as well as your order.

Dive Booties.

The uses for a good dive bootie are truly endless, protect your feet from rocks on every adventure and create the perfect fit for our MARES Avanti Quattro Plus open foot rental fins. For great all around, affordable booties check out the ScubaPro Delta Short Dive Boot (3mm) or Mares Equator 2mm Dive Boots on Amazon.

Rashguard and Wet Suit.

The waters we dive in range from mid 70°’s to high 80°’s (F). That said, it’s best to check in with us on current water temperatures for your trip dates. In general, we typically wear a light dive tight and rash guard or a 1.5 mm suit. Some folks run colder so it’s hard to advise on specifics for your body but typically no more then a 2/3mm wetsuit are desired by most guests that dive in the Caribbean.

Dive Computer.

All divers must have a personal dive computer to participate on dives. Some exceptions and rental availability do apply for Discover Scuba and PADI Open Water Certification. Please be sure to contact us in advance on these exceptions so we can discuss the required gear for your dive experience.

If you are looking for a great intro dive computer with some very useful features check out the SUUNTO Vyper Novo Lite Computer available on Amazon. Available for a very reasonable price, this computer includes a built in compass as well as the ability to add air integration.

When does my eLearning need to be complete?

You will want to have your eLearning completed prior to arriving in paradise so we can focus on your in water training. When you arrive we will confirm all online assessments have been completed and will cover a brief knowledge review of key eLearning topics as well as any questions on the materials.

Will I be able to access my PADI online library while in the islands?

WiFi in the islands often operates on island time. That said, it’s best to download any eLearning materials onto the PADI App before you fly to paradise.

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