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Nomo FOMO.

We came to this world of sea crossing water folk in search of the next big adventure. We quit life as we knew it and bought a factory-fresh, Lagoon 42. We sailed her out of La Rochelle, France without trial and a crew we had only chatted with online. We explored France, Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands then hopped the big pond to our current home seas of the Caribbean. Our “backyard view” is in constant rotation as well as our adventures.

Through it all we have gained great knowledge on what originally felt like a great mystery. How do you break free from the norm and live your dreams, your grand adventure? While we have not spotted the illusive Jaguar Shark just yet, we have experienced a whole new life with daily adventure.

What is your grand adventure? We want to help you go for the gold. We offer customized onboard experiences as well as planning and advice for others seeking to break free from the daily grind to live their dreams. Send us a line and let’s chat on your dreams. In the meantime be sure to follow our sailing adventures as we sail out of the ordinary.

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